Nasir Khosrow (also spelled Nasir Khusraw, Nasser Khosrow, Naser Khosro) was an 11th century (CE) poet and philosopher. A contemporary of such Persian notables as Omar Khayyam and Hassan Sabah, Khosrow was a scholar who was well-versed in astronomy, biological sciences and at least five languages. He held an important position as an accountant or treasurer for his brother, the Emir of Khorasan.

It is said that he abandoned this important post and social position after having a dream which inspired him to make a pilgrimage to the Islamic holy sites of Mecca and Medina. His account of his travels, the Safar-nameh, remains his best-known surviving work.

This edition is an excellent resource for scholars as well as those interested in classical Persian literature. It contains vintage black and white photographs as well as a fold-out map of Khosrows route.

The text is entirely in Persian (Farsi).

خرید کتاب سفرنامه ناصر خسرو قبادیانی مروزی
جستجوی کتاب سفرنامه ناصر خسرو قبادیانی مروزی در گودریدز

معرفی کتاب سفرنامه ناصر خسرو قبادیانی مروزی از نگاه کاربران

مشاهده لینک اصلی
کتاب های مرتبط با - کتاب سفرنامه ناصر خسرو قبادیانی مروزی

 کتاب حیوان را دست کم نگیر
 کتاب آموزش تندخوانی
 کتاب جنایت خفته
 کتاب مرگ یک کندودار
 کتاب بازی بزرگ
 کتاب گرما و غبار